Capsules Bundle

Sleep Support Capsules

Sleep Support CBD capsules provide efficient, fast-acting delivery of Lone CBD’s popular CBD plus a soothing blend of sleep enhancers. These capsules give you the benefits of CBD on demand with the power of Melatonin.

Cognitive Enhancer Capsules

Our cognitive enhancer capsule helps focus your attention and increase concentration through our unique brain boosting formula. This potent mixture of CBD, Choline Powder, HTP-5, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Alpha-GDP, Foreskilin, and Artichoke extract will have you feeling fresher and sharper.


CBD Pre-Workout Capsules

Everyone knows the feeling—no motivation or energy to get up and get that work out in. Barely crawling out of bed to get to the gym. Low energy, low motivation, low performance. LoneCBD has a way to help.

Dominate your workouts by adding our CBD-infused Pre-Workout Capsules into your exercise routine. Our unique energy matrix contains B12 to support an accelerated performance and caffeine derived from Green Tea Extract to get you pumped up and raring to go. CBD isn't a tool only for professional athletes to utilize, so be sure you're making the most out of your workouts by adding CBD for greater athletic performance.

Pain Relief Capsules

Sore muscles and other body aches? Our pain relief capsules help sooth your muscles and provide soothing relief across the different areas of your body, all delivered in an advanced formula for fast absorption and higher bioavailability.


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