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Guide to Buying CBD Oils, Tinctures, and More.

CBD Products have exploded in popularity. With many anecdotal benefits, science is a bit behind the ball in providing statistical data to back up many health claims. And with this being a new market, consumers often feel unprotected. There are plenty of bad actors in the scene attempting to use the lack of knowledge to promote less than ideal products that customers should be aware of. Heck, you may even be hearing news regarding other Cannabinoids such as CBG, and is that even like CBD? Here are five tips to be mindful of when shopping for CBD or any other cannabidiol supplements.

Not All CBD is the Same

CBD products are becoming more widely available by the day, but that doesn’t mean each product will offer the same things. Just because cannabidiol products are around doesn’t mean you should buy them. Because the market is still unregulated, you should be wary of where you’re purchasing from. Products that promote CBD in gas stations, for example, are probably not deriving their products from the highest quality hemp sources. Make sure to stay away from places where you think the products contain low quality and often harmful and ineffective CBD.

Find a Reputable Site that Specializes in CBD

Buying from a third-party retailer on a site like Amazon is a scary proposition. Most big marketplaces are still unable to sell CBD products, classifying it as a drug and prohibiting sale. Many companies find a way around these guidelines by describing their product as “hemp oil” or “hemp extract.” Even shadier, some companies may advertise CBD in products that don’t contain any. One example would be a company selling “hemp seed oil.” When shopping for CBD, you find a website and a company specializing in CBD products that are transparent about themselves and their products. 

Check the Certificate of Analysis

Suppose a company cannot produce a certificate of analysis regarding their products; it’s time to move on. Even further, it’s essential to ensure that the company uses a testing method that enables third-party testing to confirm the best results independently. We offer easy access to read all our lab results, which are third-party tested to ensure authenticity. CBD is a beautiful natural remedy, so you want to make sure you receive high-quality sourced products from reputable sources. Everything from the company to the Certificate of Analysis to the Hemp production facility should be transparent and adhere to CBD guidelines. 

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