What Are the Benefits of Edible CBD?

Some people prefer to ingest their cbd through edible products. Many of our customers find them more palatable and prefer not to swallow capsules or dose out oil. 

Our Fizzy Tabs are precisely dosed, so you know exactly how much CBD you are getting with each tab. They’re also delicious!


What Drinks go well with Fizzy Tabs?

Fizzy Tabs are intended to be used with Water, but they can be mixed with a drink of your choosing. Since they are Lemonade Flavored, we recommend pairing it with something that goes well with tangy flavors.

How Do You Use Fizzy Tabs?

Fizzy Tabs are usually dropped into a glass of water. The effervescent Fizzy Tabs dissolve rapidly in water. After they dissolve, we recommend stirring the glass of water with a spoon to ensure the mixture is evenly distributed.

What are Fizzy Tabs Used For?

Our Fizzy Tabs are lemonade flavored, which imparts a tangy, fizzy lemony taste to a glass of water, or drink of your choice. They spice up your water, giving a delicious lemony flavor with very little calories.

They are perfect for a hot summer or chilly winter day.

How Many Fizzy Tabs Should I use?

We recommend starting with one, but if you feel like the effects aren’t strong enough or you want a more intense flavor, add a one or two more to your glass of water.