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CBD and Exercise: The Benefits of Adding CBD for Athletic Performance.

CBD and Exercise are a match made in heaven. Exercise is fantastic for your overall health, and CBD is excellent for exercise recovery. The benefits of regular exercise include better sleep, a better mood, and even a better sex life. However, there is a price to pay, as anyone who has pushed it in the gym understands. The post-workout soreness and pain can be unbearable at times, often preventing you from being your best self the following day. This isn’t surprising, considering that your muscles will begin to develop small tears when you engage in cardio or strength training. This allows muscles to stretch and grow; it’s the mechanism by which you begin to build muscle mass. Those microtears bring along inflammation, leading to pain or soreness that can keep you out of the gym and delay future workouts altogether. Stretching, hydrating, and making sure you take a hefty amount of protein can all aid in muscle recovery. Still, CBD to improve post-workout recovery has exploded among the population. Hemp supplements have become an essential tool in the tool bag for athletes worldwide. And there are sound reasons for why there has been an explosion in athletes singing the praises of CBD after adding it into their workout routine.

Endocannabinoids & Exercise.

“Runners high” is a condition you may have heard of or even been lucky enough to experience. It’s a feeling some runners get that pushes them into blissful euphoria, lessening pain and promoting a sense of invincibility, and making time feel like something passing by in the wind. Scientists have tried to explain this feeling, agreeing in principle that endorphin release was the factor behind the feeling. But now, scientists are promoting the idea that endocannabinoids may be playing a more significant role in the euphoric feeling than previously thought.

Physicians will prescribe exercise for nearly any ailment. As mentioned, the release of endorphins was thought to be the only factor driving the anti-depressant qualities with regular exercise. Still, our endocannabinoid system has shown it may play a key role. We’ll see if future research can conclusively prove the correlation, but for now, we’ll keep running for that high.

Will CBD show up on a drug test?

A common concern among athletes is “popping hot” for THC after taking a drug test. On Sept. 21st, 2021, the World Anti-Doping Agency announced that it planned to review the long-standing ban on cannabis in competition. Currently, it is viewed as a performance-enhancing drug (something quite shocking for some of you who may partake). Until the change has been made, though, your career as an athlete needs to maintain integrity, and for now, that includes staying clean to avoid a positive drug-testing result. CBD is not a banned substance in most athletics, so if you’d like to use CBD to reap the benefits of recovery and relaxation, you’re good to go. There are essential things to consider. If you’re worried about introducing CBD into your athletic lifestyle, make sure you use something like LoneCBD’s broad-spectrum or CBD isolate products to avoid potentially testing positive. Additionally, it’s important to do your due diligence and check third-party test results, as many companies don’t publish them. You may find that some companies claiming to have products that contain 0% THC actually contain enough THC to fail a drug test. So buy from a reputable company that produces third-party lab results to ensure integrity. All Lone CBD products have Certificates of Analysis from a third party lab posted on our lab results page with the THC content.

The Benefits of Incorporating CBD into your Exercise Regimen

According to a 2018 review published in Frontiers in Neurology, CBD has been indicated to potentially help reduce inflammation. Reducing inflammation will help relieve post-workout pain and help with mobility issues you may be experiencing. And while this study focussed primarily on people facing problems with multiple sclerosis, a lot of the same benefits can apply to everyone.

When choosing a product to incorporate into your workout regimen, we strongly recommend our LoneCBD Pre-Workout Capsules. Broad-spectrum CBD products contain the myriad of terpenes and flavonoids that provide all of the benefits of the hemp plant, minus the THC. The ECS is the endocannabinoid system that is within us all. It’s a series of receptors scattered throughout the body that work together to keep our internal systems in good order. Our body will produce endocannabinoids on its own. Still, internal production can sometimes not be adequate to compensate for the rigorous routines we put our bodies through when we work out. That’s why it’s beneficial to introduce these additive endocannabinoids to help boost your system while you push your body to its physical limits. This will help your bodily systems recover faster, targeting inflammation and post-workout recovery. 


Athletes have always been told to relax, especially when it comes to sports such as weightlifting; maintaining a tense body can lead to injuries abound. CBD can actively aid in the relaxation process. Remember, CBD will not be an all-size-fits-all approach, especially when exercising. We all have different routines, different goals, and different body types. It’s crucial to find the right CBD product for you. If you’re feeling extra sore in a specific muscular area, it might be best to apply a topical salve, or you may find that using a thc free tincture is what’s right for you. It might take some trial and error, but finding the right mix of products and dosages to relieve you of that post-workout pain best will provide incredible results to let you go out ready to conquer the day or workout ahead.

Professional Athletes are Big Fans of CBD

From football to golf, athletes have been singing praises regarding CBD. And it’s no wonder why this is the case. CBD has been shown to cover a ton of the areas that athletes value the most. 

One such area is high-quality sleep, one of the most touted benefits of CBD products, which is vital for high-profile professional athletes. Good sleep patterns are one of the number one recommendations for pro-athletes to promote recovery and retain energy. Most of the critical processes our body goes through. There are plenty of retired NFL stars, Nick Mangold, Tiki Barber, and Terrel Owens, that have embraced the positive benefits of hemp and cannabis use and are lobbying the NFL to make changes to its drug policy. The league has invested ~$1,000,000 into scientific cannabis-based research following suit. With the number of injuries that players have across all sports leagues, it will be excellent if comprehensive analysis starts to prove the recovery benefits of CBD for professional athletes. Especially with the addictive nature of opioids that many athletes use, it would be incredible to promote the usage of a non-psychoactive method that has no addictive or overdose risk.

Another area is muscle recovery, which we’ve already gone over in some detail. A professional athlete’s living is based on the amount of work their body can put in, so recovery after those explosive workouts is essential to keep improving their craft. Being able to reap the same benefits from using CBD that athletes use to help them reach the big leagues, get into the Olympics, or even after a nationally televised game is a way to level the playing field. 



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